Spiritual Sex

The dominant emotion of the masculine is purpose. The dominant emotion of the feminine is love.

On Sunday I spent 8 unplanned hours helping a young man align his energy with his pure masculine purpose.

Yesterday I spent 6 unplanned hours helping a young woman who I just met, align her energy with her desire for pure feminine love.

Today I spent 4 hours writing a poem based on some of the territory we covered.

Here it is:

Trust was immediately present, based on our mutual friends and my unshakeable presence

I did not push into these spaces

But rather was led to these occasions

Through a mutual dance of call and response

Deeper into the rabbit hole

With increasing curiosity and wants

My energy pulsating in higher than 4th degree dimensionalism

Coming into this world space through pluralistic elementalism

Some souls I bring eye opening faith leading out of despair

Absorbing the white light that comes from being thrust into the air

Some souls I ground with a constrictive embrace

Showing that castles in the sky need an earth rooted base

Some souls know the path they must walk to reach their present life chapter destination

But they request my fire to break the homeostatic covalent bonds that create their incarceration

This young woman needed the element of water

Shining bright in this lifetime through picking a loving father

Resting in her current level of development creating complacent satisfaction

Yet covering her spiritual yearning for complete egoic extraction

Intimidated by the shadowy perilous badlands of sexual attraction

A road littered with primitive masculine energetic vampires

With no intent to give, simple thieves hustling only to receive

Femininity burned too many times dissociating into the birds and the bees

Fearful of falling prey into pre-trans fallacies

So gone is the pain of the antecedent

But so is the potential for the tran-scendent

Sex, love and romance are three separate strands

All based on masculine feminine union at varying energetic bands

Sexual polarities collapsing into the safety of platonic wave functions

A ocean of life now just frozen tundras

When these bodies freeze over

The garden of eden also withers and crumbles

Climate change is systemically interconnected

Creating distant energetic mumbles and grumbles

Sometimes I come like fire, she says I came like the rain

Waking her back up to her life’s essential game

Relieving her garden of thirst and starvation

The invigorating life force of hydrogenated oxygenation

Death becomes life and a new cycle begins

A virgin transformation like a snake shedding its skins

I can map the roads you must travel to reach your new destiny

As long as you understand that evolution’s process is unpredictably

Moving towards a predictable destination

Through mapping the five percent of developmental phenomena I can see half of the future’s equation

The rest you will have to discover for yourself

Why would you expect it to work any way else?

I can give you the map to temple beyond

Where there’s milk and honey

And angel’s signing the songs of god

But the path to the promise land never comes for free

You’ll be endlessly tested by trials and tribulations in patterns of three

You’ll be dragged through the dirt, you’ll suffer and bleed

You’ll doubt all the creeds that you once believed

To even begin your journey you probably have a lot to clean up

You’re going to have to heal much of what you fucked up

You didn’t know what to do with your fear, rejection and pain

So you numbed yourself into submission

Like tranquilizing a lion to make it feel tame

To get your strength back and realize your true nature

As king of the jungle

You have to confront your shadow

And submit it with perseverance and courageous struggle

To make it the other side you’ll have to give up a lot

Perhaps most painfully letting go of loved ones

With whom you believed you tied an inextricable knot

See relationships thrive on mutual growth

It’s gotta be working for you and them both

Connection is not an indefinite thing

Rather its simply a recurring ephemeral rite

Of independent journeys temporarily bond-ing

On your journey you’ll continually be tested

By diverging paths marked by crossroads

For awhile you’ll go together

And then you’ll go alone

Or you’ll be living a story that was never your own

If you love someone then you must set them free

Push them to stay on their own path and break their attachments from thee

You may find that you may meet again

Both stronger, wiser, fuller than then

Or maybe your separation was simply the end

When you hear about the path

The white and black

What could motivate you to ask for that?

To get off your ass when life is so comfortable?

Why not stay in Never Never Land like Rudy Huxtable?

The bed is so soft and your life is so lovable

And your stomach will turn when you see what’s in front of you

Subconsciously you’ll run away

And sabotage what your heart knows you must do

It’s not inevitable you will find the real you

Before death comes and swallows you

You will have to recognize that your journey is bigger than you

It’s gotta be about your tribe and your crew

And that circle need not be constrained to your fam

Ever widening circles of empathy

Snapping open like a Chinese Princess’ fan

Stop at worldcentric if that’s what you must

But know the universe really wants you to go for kosmocentric or bust

To attack the journey with inexhaustible passion and lust

Transforming lost villagers into knights in shining armor

But first you must put some elbow grease into it and scrub off the rust

You’re not competing with other humans

They’re all on your team

Our competition is with ourselves

This universe’s cosmological constants want you to succeed

But if you don’t adapt natural selection won’t allow you to breed

It will be easy to rationalize your next step and make it seem insignificant and small

You have to recognize narrow steps are often thresholds into expansive new halls

So this is the end of today’s explication

The greatest gift you can give the masculine is not reciprocation

But accepting and opening into its penetrative clarification

Surrender to these words and let them open you up

Spiritual sex memetically fucking you up