Noteworthy Quotes on the Steve Bearman Sexual Abuse Scandal

What a Saddening Story

Saddening for all the sexual assault victims.

Saddening for the people who have a shitty intuition for people and enabled him,

Or trusted him as a teacher and are let down.

The fact is, very few people can handle power without abusing it.

Noteworthy commentary from friends,

1) “Sharing this in solidarity with the women who have taken a powerful stand against Steve Bearman and his so-called counseling institute. Steve has used his charisma, psychology background and position of authority to exploit the trauma of those who trusted him in service of his own needs for sex and power.

A few months ago I confronted Steve privately via Facebook message and his response was to attack me and diagnose me with mental illness. Weeks later he posted a vague half-apology to his Facebook feed, garnering dozens of supportive comments from people – including influential members of the Bay Area “conscious community” – praising him for his courage and integrity. Almost nobody called bullshit in the comments, except for a few women and myself. My comment was deleted and I was immediately unfriended and blocked from further access to the thread, which has since been deleted along with his entire profile.”

2) “This seals it, Steve is just flat out a Rapist. He had plenty of access to sex with consensual, willing partners, yet he chose to seduce traumatized women, exploiting his authoritative role as a counselor and using psychedelics to physically incapacitate his targets”.

3) “Recently Steve Bearman, founder of Interchange Counseling Institute, a huge mentorship school for counselors and coaches in the Bay area came out with an apology for his many sexual transgressions that were covered up under polyamory.

What surprises me is that many in the community have heard about his many sex and power transgressions and still SIGNED up for the programs. What also surprises me is that many men and women heard about the many things that happen behind the scenes that are very much out of harmony and prey on the weak and impressionable…..And yet they still signed up.

Let’s use our intuition people!!!
Let’s stop looking the other way!!!

One woman saying something is enough.

Do 100 women have to step to the front lines to say a man is a scumbag for us to listen with our souls?

Apparently, and shame on us.

And where is our ability to feel someone? To feel that they are off?

Why do we need our teachers to be power hungry for us to believe in them? Why do they need to be dark for us to follow them?

I’ll tell you why: Because they feel like they possess an internal power we don’t think we have. And we want them to give it to us.

That is not power. That is poison. Learn how to intuit which man has true silent power and which man has silent poison…

The leaders of this institution and their friends all have this huge shadow of asleep at the wheel polyamory posing as enlightened love —- but we all know it is not the truly awakened polyamory that doesn’t need anything more, better or different — but a sick sexual materialism of more, more, more, Hungry Ghost polyamory. A Hungry Ghost hiding behind open relationships.”