Optical Illusions Reveal Reality’s Interpretative Nature


Beyond just beauty though, optical illusions like this actually point to an often hidden Fundamental Truth about Reality.

Which is that data does not speak for itself.

The Meaning of data Transforms based on your Perspective.

Data and Reality Itself is Fundamentally Interpretative.

Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein made this incisive argument against the school of Logical Positivism about 100 years ago (H/t to Alexandros Pagidas for sharing this story with me in 2012).

The Buddhist idea of Emptiness is also pointing to the same Fundamental Truth about Reality.

Developmental Psychologist Susanne Cook-Greuter points to something similar in her Ego-Development Model in what she calls the Construct-Aware Stage and the “Undifferentiated Phenomenological Continuum” that precedes the Linguistic Semantic Labeling process that most people unconsciously Concretize—wrapping their Ego up in False Identifications and Attachments.

This insight also points to why I believe many people have tragically flawed assumptions about how to make use of Big Data.

So when you see optical illusions from now on, let it be a reminder to you that the World is not as it seems.

Your Perspective Inextricably Co-Creates Reality in Every Moment.

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