Speculation on Cosmic Civilizations

Friend: Today I learned there are 1,000 trillion planets in the universe that can support life. One thousand trillion!

Me: The evolutionary developmental transcension hypothesis model formulated by my close friend John M. Smart, would in my interpretation predict that we don’t meet 99% of them till we are ready to reproduce a new baby universe through an intelligent black hole a couple hundred years after the coming technological singularity around 2050-2070.

We might get to meet a couple other civilizations before then who are close enough in the light cone, but there is <99% probability these civilizations have already gone through their own technological singularity already and transitioned to a post-biological technologically etherealized society.

There is a chance they will transparently interact with us, teach us things and support us, but only when human civilization has enough unity, empathy and systematic global interdependence to be able to magnanimously interact with a more powerful post-humanoid civilization and not freak the fuck out.

In the meantime I have heard there is some credible classified information that these post biological civilization in our neck of the multiverse’s woods may be supporting us hidden in the shadows, to make sure we don’t kill ourselves like the immature childish civilization we are. This is why children have parents. So they don’t kill themselves when they are learning how to exist in the world. Intelligent civilizations in the universe likely follow a self similar pattern to the biological relationship of children and parents. We are not ignored because the higher consciousness of these more technologically advanced post human societies necessitates a greater divine paternal and maternal mortality. Other life will not come to kill us has Hollywood has deceived you continuously for their own fear mongering profit. Only transcendently beautiful, pure, highly moral societies will successfully transition to post human eras. The rest will inevitably self destruct by the laws of integral systems theory.

Speculation on Cosmic Civilization based on the extrapolation of cutting edge systems theory and integral philosophy over and out.

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