Tantra Misconceptions


Tantra is not about blissful sexual indulgence.

Tantra is about the emanation of compassion from the free and full ground of an all encompassing emptiness.

Bliss experienced without a solid foundation of emptiness will probabilistically lead to egoic self-contraction and further suffering of the separate self.

Tantra is the union of bliss and emptiness. Of form and formlessness.

The prevalence of people in my social network (1st, 2nd and 3rd degree) engaging in powerful form based practice without a stable ground of causal formless awareness is very spiritually concerning and should be swiftly and skillfully corrected.


A lot of westerners get confused by the concept of Emptiness and confuse it with Nihilism. It is actually quite far from that.

Post Modernists may better relate to the concept of emptiness as a “construction”, similar to the concept of “meaning not having an objective definition but rather arising as a relative cultural construction”. When Buddhists say the self is Empty, you can understand it to mean the self is not a concrete thing you can find in your awareness. There is no homunculi in your mind. Your notion of your self is merely a construction.

Software engineers may relate to the concept of “emptiness” as a generative structure, or an empty continuum, with which emotions and thoughts arise in. Or they may relate to Thomas Metzinger’s concept of the Phenomenal Self Model as a software program booted up by hardware in the prefrontal cortex.

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