The Connecting Thread: The Innovation Landscape

One of the primary stitches running across my life cloak:

The primary engine driving economic growth is innovation. And we are in the midst of transitioning to a new innovation landscape as corporations are dying and the startup ecosystem matures. The innovation landscape is the overlapping theme for most of what I’m thinking about and working on. I’m interested in how we can increase collaboration, access more capital, push the interconnectivity and support systems a step further and increase the overall size of the ecosystem by getting more aspiring entrepreneurs across the chasm of commitment.

The innovation landscape is intimately related to what I believe is the world’s biggest problem and the approach we need to solve it. I discuss that in the 5 stages post, linked below.

A few of my frameworks for thinking about the innovation space: (Posts will soon be written for all of these)

Pre-Accelerator. Accelerator. Post Accelerator.

5 stages of the entrepreneurial journey

Startups engaging collaboratively in complex value chains to achieve the scale of corporations, called the Lego Model and described here.

The 4 Pillars of Innovation Landscape: Community, Information, Tools, Capital. Most projects are different proportions of these 4 elements.

The innovation space is incredibly complex requiring a variety of different perspectives and knowledge on a wide array of subjects. This overarching theme connects my many interests: (I find the “I, it, we, its” a helpful organizing framework) I: talent development, psychology, learning, education, mental technologies; It: Personal productivity, food, athletic, health, energy management; We: community, social interaction, culture, collaboration; Its: geopolitics, interconnectedness, foresight, accelerating technological change, startups, behavioral economics, environmental sustainability, systems thinking;