On Top Athletes Believing in a Higher Power

When I was going through my Atheistic/Rationalist phase 5-10 years ago, I couldn’t help but notice how nearly ALL the top athletes would praise a Higher Power for their success.
At the very least, I recognized it must be a super-effective Placebo even if there were no Rational/Epistemological basis for this belief.
Now I understand beyond any shadow of a doubt how Rationally/Epistemologically/Psychologically/Spiritually Real tapping into a Higher Power truly is.
You can’t overcome Doubt and Agnosticism of a Higher Power through thinking about it.
The only way is to walk the Path and see for Yourself.
Lastly, I would add that the Monolithic God most athletes speak of is not precisely accurate.
The Metaphysical realm is much more Pluralistic, full of high resolution Holarchy.

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