Why Are All The Exposés Of Powerful, Sexually Exploitive Men Happening Now?

Check out this powerfully written letter about Harvey Weinstein’s abuses of power for sexual gratification by a screenwriter who was in his inner circle for years.

It makes me wonder, how soon will the next leader fall in two of the main communities I know many people in: The Tech Scene of Silicon Valley and the New Age Spiritual Community?

There are plenty more Harvey Weinsteins of Silicon Valley waiting to be exposed…

I personally have heard plenty of stories of powerful men who have repeatably engaged in inexcusable sexually exploitative behavior, that have not yet been held accountable for their actions.

Where is the Julian Assange and WikiLeaks of Patriarchal Sexual Misconduct?

And why are all these public exposés of powerful men who abused their power happening now?

3 Factors:

1) The Maturation of Social Media
The enabling platform of the Internet & Social Media can now use bottom-up crowdsourced vitality to break the top-down mafioso power structures that were previously used for command and control.

2) A Critical Mass of Post-Modernists
A critical mass of the mainstream media has moved from the Modern Level of Consciousness to the Post-Modern Level of Consciousness — which corresponds to a dramatic increase in cultural power for women and the Feminine, and righting the wrongs of the past era.

3) Reaction to Trump
Potentially re-directed outrage, as a reclamation of powerlessness at having a Pussy-Grabber-In-Chief as our President.

What do you think are other factors for why the spigot seems to have been unlocked, and the exposé waters are now rushing at an ever quickening pace with no signs of letting up?


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