Developmental Levels for How Different Social Systems React to Trauma

Here’s a rough developmental framework I just sketched out on how social systems react to trauma:

Level 1 – stigmatize all trauma as weakness
Level 2 – Accept trauma responses and provide compassion
Level 3 – Provide healing modalities and environments where trauma healing can potentially occur (although it often doesn’t effectively)
Level 4 – Hold individuals and practitioners to standards of quality and accountability where healing actually takes place instead of endless therapy with marginal improvement in life conditions.

Most of the social systems I am in are in level 3.

Many of my posts are about how to go from level 3 to level 4, such as many of my posts which have a theme self-responsibility over normalizing arrested development via limiting stories of victimization.

Or people who have potential to heal their triggers and traumas but don’t do anything about them for years and instead reify them, acting them out repeatedly in the roles of victim, hero and perpetrator.