Access to Stillness as the key to Emotional Freedom

Until you can interminably rest in the Absolute stillness of awareness that is always underneath all content of experience, including your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, you are never truly free.

And unless you are free, everything else you are engaged in your life is largely a form of escapism and distraction.

When you try to enter the Absolute stillness of awareness you will be confronted by an uncomfortable cocktail of pain, trauma, disappointments about the past, anxieties about the future and egoic dissatisfactions about your present self.

Your instincts will tell you to use your life energy to pursue apparent safeties and securities like money, power and relationships to resolve this uncomfortable cocktail that is always lurking in the silent, still moments of your life.

But this is a fool’s game of tail chasing. A hamster wheel of movement with no progress. A Sisyphean pattern of perpetually rolling the boulder up the hill only for it roll back down, for all of eternity.

Only when your Higher Self commits to overcoming your instinctual drive of avoidance and distraction, and journeys directly into the apparent eye of the storm that appears to be dangerously raging on the Absolute stillness of Awareness’ Infinite Ocean, do you have any hope of finding the pervading peace and serenity that your deepest heart is yearning for.

But to make it through the storm rather than be drowned by it, you must surrender and offer up all you thought was your life, so that it may be compassionately killed, releasing you from the bondage of illusion which keeps you mistakenly feeling tossed about by life’s choppy waters, so that you may abide instead as the totality of the Ocean of Awareness itself, where suffering is non-existent and the Innate Joy of Being is Immanent.

From here you will wake and find the strewn out pieces of your individualized yet highly interconnected self, bobbing on the surface of Awareness, apparently incomplete as many pieces sunk as dead weights of falsity to the ocean floor. And you will be presented with the opportunity to put the pieces back together.

Source confidence from the unsinkable nature of your Soul’s True Essence and the Unique Gifts you incarnated to offer your fellow humans.

And then claim the opportunity.

Day by day assembling the pieces of your Essence so that your Gift is increasingly transmuted from the realm of potential to the realm of reality.

This is inescapably part of the Soul’s journey of waking up.

A journey that is not just completed once, but life after life, with ever greater remembrance.

It is not recommended to attempt this journey alone.

Teachers and Guides are important.

I am one.

There are many.

We are finding each other.

And assembling ourselves into ever more synergistic structures to support the collective awakening of the brothers and sisters that comprise our indivisible human family.