Insight on the Facebook “Data Breach”, Cambridge Analytics and the 2016 Presidential Election

I have a problem with all the attention being paid to Cambridge Analytica, The Facebook ‘Data Breach’, Russian Electoral Interference and Fake News.

First off, as Jordan Hall describes below, none of this is new and these latest political campaign tactics are just the next logical step in a long evolutionary trajectory of similar means of political pseudo-warfare.

“1. Cambridge Analytica has done nothing meaningfully innovative. This is not to say that it is mainstream – but what Cambridge Analytica was doing and can do is well within the boundaries available to any high tier analytics firm. Accordingly, any skilled enterprise can and likely is using similar techniques.

2. All of this has been known since 2016.

3. The use of data-intensive methods in both narrative framing and marketing outreach (online, offline and person to persons) has been on a clean accelerating curve (along with everything else) for decades. Clinton 92, Gore/Bush 2000, Obama 2008 – in each case, the ratchet for the capability of and use of data in candidate marketing was meaningfully moved. Which is to say that it is trivially predictable that something like CA must happen – and, frankly, if every campaign wasn’t fully using these techniques, they should be considered locally inept.”

It seems most people have the assumption that “in a fair world Trump would not have won, therefore the aforementioned issues must be the cause of the injustice of having this terrible President.”

This narrative fails to take into account the deeper, more fundamental dynamic:

People have many legitimate reasons to be upset with the socioeconomic establishment and status quo.

Hilary Clinton was the perfect representative of the status quo.

Trump’s candidacy, more than perhaps any other candidate in history, was built not on what it stood for but for what it stood against.

His candidacy was a means for many to say “fuck you” to the establishment of Neo-Liberal Economics and Post-Modernism.

Ken Wilber about 6 months ago put out a book entitled Trump and a Post-Truth world that I believe was once of the clearest big picture contextualization of the dynamics that really led to Trump’s election by articulating the larger trends of Cultural Evolution.

(Links to reviews and at the full book) // //…/Trump-and-a-Post-Truth-World-Ken…)

I see far too many people looking for reasons to reinforce the narrative that Trump Cheated vs. exploring the fundamental problems in Culture and Society that generated the anti-establishment backlash.