Home, On The Spiral Journey Of Death & Rebirth

I was always Home

I never forgot during this phase of my journey

Despite the hardships

That I was Home

We all are always already Home

That is always already the case

But this can take awhile to realize

Sometimes a lifetime or more

Our Home is big and vast and expansive

And it is easy to get lost in our Home

I accepted some inaccurate directions that led me astray

I took a few wrong turns all on my own

Alone in the wilderness I found my body standing

But before I could recognize the incorrectness of my location

Illness sapped the strength I needed to find my way

Back to the path I committed to journey down long ago

Family and friends threw a life preserver my way

To transport me to a safety net to rest

Rest however

Could not cure me of my illness

Nor my psychospiritual disorientation

So I continued to spiral down

Waiting for something outside me

To give me what I was unable to give myself

Brothers and Sisters of the Soul Tribe

Who saw me fully and clearly in times of health

To as the great poet Eminem declared

“Remind me who the fuck I was”

My most sincere thanks and gratitude is given to them

Then the rehabilitation, the reintegration and the re-energization began

Which of course included some much needed housekeeping of the relative home

But now

Shady’s back

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