Who Are You Really?

If as Shakespeare said that “all the world is a stage” then are you not but an actor in a grand play?

Is the name, body and mind given to you at birth, not but a character inhabited by a deeper person or being?

Have you ever stepped out of this role which has been conditioned by your upbringing in conventional society?

Have you ever taken off the mask of your character to find out who this deeper being behind the role actually is?

If you have not, you are something like Jim Carrey in the Truman Show, only most people you know are also asleep and in the same show with you.

The trans-lineage Human Program which integrates the mystical traditions and paths of all the major world’s religions is the path to you waking up from this unceasing slumber that is your life.

On the other side of this liminal barrier is the world of your dreams.

Some part of you knows it is real.

You just have to find the courage to make the leap.

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